Pre-orders and Products

Q: Why are your items on pre-order?
A: This ensures that we only carry display pieces of the latest designs directly from our Korean sources.
Participating in our pre-order will also mean that you receive a brand new piece that has not been tried on or handled by others.

Q: How long does the pre-order take?
A: The item usually takes 10 to 14 working days to reach us.
For popular designs, it might take slightly over 14 working days due to the remanufacturing process of that design.
Please only place your order with us only if you are comfortable with the waiting time.

Q: What happens if I made a pre-order but the item is no longer available in Korea?
A: In the event a product is out of production, we will issue you a credit note to your account.
You may utilise the credit note to offset your next purchase.

Q: Are there any discounts?
A: All prices stated are final.
Discounts are exclusively applicable to members only.

Q: How should I care for my garments?
A: We recommend to only dry clean or hand wash in cold water for all delicate garments such as wool and silk.
For machine wash, please set to cold, gentle cycle and always put the garments in a laundry net.
Do not use a dryer as shrinkage may occur.
For products with pleats, do not flat iron and only use a steamer if required.

Q: Will your accessories tarnish?
A: Our accessories will be best kept in a dry environment.
You may store it back to the accessory pouch that we provide when the accessories are not in used.
Try not to expose the accessories to everyday chemicals such as hair products, cosmetics, perfumes, or direct sunlight as they are likely to damage them.
* Accessory pouches are subject to availability.

Q: Are your earrings suitable for sensitive ears?
A: Our earrings are normal fashion jewelries which are not 100% hypoallergenic. If your ears are very sensitive, please only purchase at your own risk.

Our Collections

Online Exclusive

Q: What is the Online Exclusive collection?
A: It is our online exclusive selection of Premium Korean labels brought to you at lower prices.
Each collection will be available for a limited period only.
Membership discounts will not be applicable for this collection.

Q: Is the Online Exclusive collection available at your brick and mortar showroom?
A: No, it's not available at our showroom. This collection is only available for pre-order online.
There will not be any display pieces available at our showroom.

Q: How long can I wait before I decide to place my order?
A: As each new launch will only be open for an limited time period, we would advise that you place your orders within the launch date.

Q: Can I still place an order after the pre-order has closed?
A: We will not be taking in any more orders once the pre-order has closed.


Q: What is this collection about?
A: The products found under In-Store or Le Éclat Showroom are pieces that are available at our brick and mortar showroom.
New arrivals are available for pre-order only.

Q: Are all the products from In-Store or Le Éclat Showroom available online?
A: No, some designs will only be exclusively available at our showroom.

Q: Can I view this collection at your Showroom?
A: All of items under this collection will be available at our brick and mortar showroom and display pieces for trying will be available.
We will only keep display pieces at our showroom for an average period of 10-14 days before we release the display piece as immediate stock.

Q: How long can I wait before I decide to place my order?
A: There is no specific timeline for preorder for The Showroom Collection.
However, preorders will be based on stocks availability in Korea and it will no longer be available for preorder once the item is out of production in Korea.

Delivery and Shipping

Q: What are your shipping methods for local orders? What are the charges and waiting time?
A: All orders will be mailed out through local courier.
Shipping is at a flat rate of SGD $4.50 for orders below SGD $50.
Orders above SGD $50 enjoy free shipping.
Approximate waiting time will be 5 working days for your parcel to reach you.
Please opt for self-collection if you are not comfortable with the waiting period.

Q: Do you ship internationally? What are the charges and waiting time?
A: We currently provide International Shipping to Malaysia and Indonesia only.
It will take an average of 2 weeks for the parcel to reach you after it departs from Singapore.
If you are based in other countries, please contact us before placing your orders and we can work out something for you.

Read more on Delivery and Shipping.

Membership Program

Q: Is my member discount applicable online and in-store?
A: Membership discounts are applicable both online and in-store. Excluding products listed under Sale and The Galerie Collection

Q: How do I qualify for the membership
A: A minimum spending of $500 in a single order or accumulated over a period of 2 months.
You will qualify for a 10% discount off your purchase.

Q: I have accumulated a spending of $500 in 2 months. How should I proceed to become a member?
A: Please drop us an email and we will provide you with the link for the membership sign up.

Q: What is the validity period of the membership?
A: The validity period is one year and all memberships will be renewed based on the minimum annual spending.

Q: Why is my membership discount not reflecting on the website?
A: Please login to your account before adding items to your cart.

Returns and Exchange

Q: Can I exchange my item/order to a different size, colour and/or design?
A: We strictly do not allow any exchanges for size, colour and/or design once your order has been placed.
We will only allow an exchange in the event that there is a manufacturing defect or the wrong item has been sent to you.

Q: Can I cancel my order and/or get a refund?
A: We strictly do not allow any cancellations and/or refunds once your order has been placed.
In the event that the item you ordered is out of production, we will issue a credit note in the form of a gift card to you.
You may utilise your credit note to offset your next online purchase.

Q: I have existing in-store credits, can I use it for my online purchase?
A: Yes, definitely! Do contact us for assistance.


Q: What are your operating hours?
A: Our showroom at Far East Plaza is open daily from 1PM - 9PM, unless otherwise stated.

Q: How often do you have new arrivals?
A: We release new arrivals every week.
Do follow us on our Instagram and/or sign up for our newsletter for the latest updates.

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